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Last Updated:
January 18, 2007


Onan Observatory Keyholders

Welcome to the Onan Keyholders web site!

This password-secured section of MnAstro.org houses information that is not available to the MAS membership at-large nor the general public -- detailed contact information for individual keyholders, full schedules of observatory events and activities (both public and non-public), an interactive reservation system for the observatory and its equipment, and, detailed information regarding the specific equipment in use at the observatory along with operating instructions.

If you want specific information regarding staffing opportunities, wish to volunteer for an event or want to discuss keyholder-specific topics, please visit the 'Onan Keyholders' forum in the MAS discussion forums.  For general information and discussion regarding the observatory, please visit the 'Onan Observatory Discussions' forum. 



On April 22, 2006 nine MAS members were trained in observatory operations.

New keyholders (from left to right):  Brent Kastner, Don Householder, Gordy Skorczewski, Steve Emert (asst. trainer), Dan Maciej, Tom Lindquist, Loren Schoenzeit, Ken Hugill, Mike Heinrich, David Genrich.

On September 10, 2005 eight MAS members were trained in observatory operations, bringing the total number of keyholders to 50.

New keyholders (from left to right):  Mike Fischer, Mike Lawrence, Brian Udstrand, Mike Kibat (trainer), Kirby Richter, Roxanne Kuerschner, Chris White, Dave Olmstead (assistant trainer), Michael Kauper, Kurt Casby.  (Not pictured: Rob Bubany, assistant trainer and photographer)



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