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February 4, 2014


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The classes of membership and their associated annual dues are listed below. Join today! 

Click on the appropriate 'Add to Cart' button (only one class of membership please!).  You'll be directed to PayPal, where a 'shopping cart' will indicate your selection and you can complete your transaction or select "Continue Shopping" to return to this page to add additional options like subscriptions.

After completing all your 'shopping',  your PayPal 'shopping cart' will indicate your selection(s) and you can complete your transaction there.

NOTE:  Be sure your mailing address for your subscription and membership correspondence is listed as your 'shipping address'.  If it is not, please add the correct address by clicking on the PayPal 'new address' button.

By using PayPal you agree to release MAS from liability for loss or damages incurred from using the PayPal system and accept to donate the difference from payment by mail or in person.

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Patron Membership $65.00 $67.25

Regular Membership $26.00 $27.50

Student Membership $13.00 $13.75
Options (Choose as many as you like)

Printed copy of Gemini newsletter $9.00 $9.50

1 year subscription to Sky & Telescope magazine $32.95 $34.25

1 year subscription to Astronomy magazine $34.00 $35.50

2 year subscription to Astronomy magazine $60.00 $62.25

Additional donation to the MAS General Fund to cover operating costs*

* The MAS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Tax implications of your donation may depend on individual circumstances. Please consult with a tax advisor.


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