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Last Updated:
January 29, 2008



PayPal Policy

PayPal charges service fees to the MAS for every payment processed. These fees reduce the amount of money the Society actually receives from your transaction, whether for a membership renewal, a Sky and Telescope subscription or a donation.

As a result, your fellow members indirectly pay for your convenience of using PayPal. (This is particularly troublesome for the Sky and Telescope subscriptions. The Society must pay the difference between what the publisher charges and what PayPal actually posts to our account.)

To offset this, all MAS membership and subscription transactions submitted through PayPal include a small, additional donation to defray these costs. By using PayPal to join, renew or subscribe, you agree to make this donation to cover the costs of your transaction. 

If you do not wish to help defray these costs, you can choose to submit a check or cash payment with a paper copy of a membership application either via regular mail or in person at a monthly meeting.  The membership dues and subscription amounts are printed on the application. (See the 'How to Join' link in the left-hand column for details).  

Please click on one of the two following statements to indicate your acceptance or rejection of this policy:

Yes, I voluntarily agree to include the donation amount described above with my PayPal transaction

No, I do not agree to include the donation amount described above


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