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Metcalf Observing Field

20 miles east of St. Paul
(Lat: 44.93734 Lon: -92.82157)


Metcalf Nature Center is a fenced-in lot located fifteen miles east of downtown St. Paul and six miles north of Afton State Park.  In spite of moderate light pollution from surrounding communities, it provides MAS members on the east side of the metropolitan area a convenient observing location.


To reach Metcalf, head east from St. Paul along Hwy. 94. About four miles east of the I-694 /  I-494 crossing is Minnesota State Highway 95, also known as Manning Avenue (exit 253).  Turn south (right turn) and then almost immediately turn left onto the frontage road  (Hudson Road S). Continue east on the frontage road for about one and one-half miles. Turn right onto Indian Trail, checking the odometer as you turn. Follow Indian Trail south for just about one and one-tenth miles, where you'll see an unmarked chain-link gate on the right, opening onto a dirt driveway with slight up-slope. This is the the entrance to Metcalf.

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Parking:  Parking is on the grassy observing field.  As you enter and depart the site, drive carefully -- there will be equipment, vehicles and people scattered about the site.

Restrooms:  This is a rustic outhouse at the northwest corner of the lot.

Observatory:  There is no observatory at Metcalf.  There are several metal piers and concrete pads for use.

Warming:  There is an electrically heated warming shed on the property.  Contact the Society's secretary for the combination to the door.

Electrical:  Several electrical outlets are available at the site. There are several inside the electrical service box on the east fence and one each on the two piers closest to the drive-in trail. All are activated by throwing the main circuit breaker found in the service box .


MAS members may visit the Metcalf site at any time. 

Site Manager Contact Information

For further  information about Metcalf or to help with its upkeep and development, contact MAS member Tom Youngblood (skyking@pressenter.com), the location's site manager.


metcalffull.jpg (32843 bytes)
Observing Field
metcalfwarming.jpg (30070 bytes)
Warming House
metcalfpads.jpg (34966 bytes)
Telescope pads

All photos courtesy of B. Huset
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