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Last Updated:
February 04, 2014

MAS  Events

To the uninformed, astronomy might be dismissed as simply ''looking through a telescope at the stars''.  Amateur astronomers know that nothing could be further from the truth.  There are more avenues astronomical exploration and participation than can be enjoyed in a lifetime!

The diversity of MAS-sponsored events is testament to this variety.  There is literally something for everyone whether novices considering their first telescope purchase or advanced amateurs pursuing scientific research purely for the joy of discovery and contribution.  

Select an icon below for event information or follow the links in the left hand column.

Star Party Calendar & Schedules

Monthly Event Calendar

Full Star Party Schedule

Eagle Lake Public Schedule

Eagle Lake Observatory Annual Events

Astronomy Day

Camping with the Stars

Fall Astronomy Day

ELO Special Events

Cherry Grove Annual Events

Messier Marathon

Virgo Venture

Fall Mini-Messier (4M)

LLCC Annual Events

Northern Nights Star Fest

NOTE: For LLCC Messier Marathon, Virgo Venture and Fall Mini Messier go to Cherry Grove Events links above.


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